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Our Services

In line with our mission to deliver personalized and expert protection services for our clients, The Confidential Group Protection Agency offers different services that you can choose from depending on your security needs. After all, we recognize that no two situations and individuals are the same, which is why we tailor our security services according to your exact specifications and requirements.

Delivered by armed and highly trained security agents with law enforcement and military background, our services include:

  • Bodyguards
    Our bodyguards have undergone special training in order to provide the highest quality of executive protection and personal security services at all times. They are trained and equipped to keep important people safe against any and all threats – no matter what industry they are in. They are trained to spot any potential threats, to act discrete and blend in with their environment, and to provide security even in high risk zones and situations.
  • Special Events
    When planning an event for high profile families and figures, and for prominent business affairs, security services are a vital part of the planning process. It is important to keep all of the guests safe and secure, and to ensure that the event goes on without any security problems. At The Confidential Group Protection Agency, we are proud to say that our security agents are trained to provide security services specially designed to meet the needs of any and all special event. They are trained to assess the venue’s security, to profile the crowd for any potential threats, and they are trained to handle any security emergency that arises.
  • Mobile Patrol
    We have special, nondescript vehicles that allow us to transport our clients in a safe and private way to and from their destinations. If the client chooses to use their own vehicle and drive themselves, we offer mobile patrol services where we can follow them discreetly for their protection. Any and all vehicles used will also be thoroughly inspected for any potential threats.
  • Access Control
    Are you interested in having an access control system? Do you want to limit other’s access to your room, office, and property? At The Confidential Group Protection Agency, we can provide you with access control services such as alarm systems, CCTV systems, alarm monitoring, biometrics, card readers, computer access control, intercom systems, and more. If you already have an access control system, we can also help you assess its effectiveness.

For a more detailed discussion of our services, contact us at 646-823-1317. Our security experts will be happy to assist you with your needs.